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And how it can help you

Chiropractic involves the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal system; that is your bones, joints, muscles and ligaments. Chiropractors are best known for treating the spine but, in fact, they are trained to work on all parts of the body.

Chiropractic treatment involves a variety of techniques, with an emphasis on manipulation of the spine. However, Chiropractors also use other techniques. These include massage, stretching, dry needling, taping and mobilisation. They can also offer you diet and lifestyle advice and rehabilitation exercises designed to keep you out of pain. Chiropractic assesses the body as a whole,  allowing us to discover the cause of the problem. We can then fix it for the long term! 

Chiropractic care is suitable for everyone of all ages- at Bedminster Chiropractic Clinic we have patients ranging from 9 days old to 90 years! Treatment will be tailored to what is appropriate to you and your individual case.

What conditions can Chiropractic help?

  • Acute and Chronic back pain

  • Mechanical Neck pain

  • Joint pains-including hip and knee pain from Osteoarthritis

  • Headache arising from the neck (i.e. Cervicogenic)

  • Migraine Prevention

  • Shoulder and Elbow problems, such as frozen shoulder and tennis elbow

  • Tension

  • Pregnancy related pain

What can I expect when I see a Chiropractor?

When you first arrive at Bedminster Chiropractic Clinic, you will be asked to fill in a new patient form, which asks you for your contact details, GP surgery, any health conditions and any medication you may be taking. This is to ensure we have all the information about your health so that we can accurately diagnose your problem and decide on the best course of treatment for you.

In the new patient appointment, the Chiropractor will then perform a full physical, orthopaedic and neurological examination as required. Gowns are provided if needed. We will then discuss your diagnosis and relevant treatment plan. There will be plenty of time to ask questions throughout the examination.

On most occasions, we will be able to treat you at the new patient appointment. However, occasionally further imaging or investigation may be needed, in which case this will be discussed with you.

Treatment is tailored to each individuals needs. A range of treatments will be used, ranging from manipulation, soft tissue work, dry needling, stretches, taping and exercise advice. If you have any worries about the treatment please don't hesitate to ask the Chiropractor and they will be able to discuss options with you.


What is Chiropractic?: Our Services
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